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Students at the Ahlyia school



Oloom Organization for sustainable development in Palestine, was created in 2009 by a group of leading  Palestinian academics, educators, business people and those with an interest in sustainable not for profit educational programming in Palestine.  Translated from Arabic, Oloom means ‘sciences’ and thus  Oloom  organisationn is geared towards providing education in the sphere of environmental sciences to Palestinian youth and adults.

Oloom currently runs the first Green school in Palestine, of approximately 120 students which alongside teaching a standard primary school curriculum, focuses on teaching weekly environmental lessons on issues surrounding environmental sustainability, environmental welfare, recycling etc.


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Students at Ahlia School


Ahliya School was created in 2009 by the mother”Oloom” Organization.   The project was initially created to meet a needed gap in quality educational services in Shu’afat region, East Jerusalem. The need for the school continues to exist, where there is a lack of state and affordable private/community coeducational and non -religious affiliated kindergarten and elementary schools within the community. The school focuses on teaching environmental and civic responsibility and represents the first pilot Palestinian Green/Eco School.

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students at Ahliya School


To offer education in a safe and peaceful learning environment. To combat the high education drop out rates amongst socio-economically disadvantaged Arab children of both gender’s within Palestine , and strengthen inter-ethnic Arab relations through providing free or subsidized learning space for both Christian and Muslim boys and girls.  provide marginalized Palestinian students in East Jerusalem with high quality elementary level


Ahliya School in Jerusalem

Ongoing project activities:

–          Providing high quality, basic elementary education for 120 Palestinian children.

–          Fostering the values of good citizenship through community service, civic awareness, and development of leadership potential.

–          Providing a safe space where marginalized children backgrounds (impoverished, from single parent households, of refugee status etc.). unable to access state education can receive continuous schooling.

–          Increasing students’ sense of responsibility both personally and academically through extra curricular activities.

–          Teaching the values of religious tolerance to a mixed Arab Christian/Muslim studentship.

–          Encouraging parents’ participation and feedback through the formulation of a parent’s school steering committee


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Students at Ahliya School


The Ahlyia school currently has a waiting list of over 100 students from marginalized Palestinian families who are in need of primary school placements. The school is in the process of securing funds to expand available building space at the school’s ground floor level to open new classrooms to accommodate addition students. In addition, the school is looking for partnership opportunities with other schools interested in adopting a green school curriculum.

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Student at Ahliya School


Oloom has plans to expand its programming to support the following projects. Interested donors are kindly invited to get in touch with Oloom through the ‘Contact us’ section of the website


1- Supporting Women’s empowerment projects. Oloom plans to utilize the available building space already in use through the Ahlyia school program to hold

  • language classes (English/Hebrew) to vulnerable women from the local refugee and host community of Shu’afat. Hebrew classes in particular will enable women and increase their employment potential.
  • Cooking classes for women to prepare groups of women to form cooperatives for home prepared food and its marketing
  • flower arrangement classes for girls and women from the community increasing their prospects for income generation
  • Life skills classes for girls and women

2- Computer classes for adult learners (men and women) to be held after school hours in the school

3- Environmental Awareness sessions for adults community members (from Shu’afat’s host and refugee populations).Participants to form a group of concerned community members to follow up on environmental issues in their surroundings .This commitee will expand as more participants are trained and join the group

4- An  after school  support program for registered children at the school  with specific learning difficulties- i.e. Dyslexia, ADHD

5- An after school and a summer school planned and educational recreational programs for marginalised  children who lack play and recreational areas


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